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What the liver does not like? Part 1

Introduction:Do not smoke, do not drink,do not work hard

What does my liver do?

Your liver helps fight infections and cleans your blood. It also helps digest food and stores energy for when you need it.

What are the signs of liver problems?

Some signs of liver problems are
-feeling tired or weak
-losing your appetite
-feeling sick to your stomach
-losing weight
-bruising or bleeding easily, such as nosebleeds
-bloating due to fluid buildup in the abdomen
-declining mental functions
Also, liver problems often make the skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow, a condition called jaundice, and may cause swelling in the legs and the abdomen.
You cannot live without a liver that works. If your liver fails, your doctor may put you on a waiting list for a liver transplant.
Liver loves tea from the roots of this plant.Her name is Gentiana asclepidea(cure for yellow),but other plants.

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